Tactical Chap

“Tactical Chap” is a new term I learned from one of my police officers today.  This might be one of those things you “just had to be there” to understand and appreciate.

We were chatting about boat patrol duty in the summer and somehow the conversation turned into her telling me she could never or want to do my job and I said the same thing to her about her job and her job is cooler only because she gets a gun AND a taser.  As I was saying that I pointed to her gun on her hip and noticed she has a tube of chapstick in her utility belt.  I pointed to it and started laughing.  I told her I love it that she has a spot for her tube of chapstick in her utility belt.  She grabs the chapstick out of her belt and says “that’s my tactical chap!” and shows me that she has tactical tape on it so that it stays in it’s spot and so when she grabs it it won’t slip out of her hands…and then…..she put her chaptick on ONE HANDED.  She just made my day.

Tactical Chap.  Every girl should have it.


Today Is Arts & Crafts Day!

Debbie suggested we do arts and crafts today and she wanted to do this.  All you need is a canvass, Mod Podge, foam brushes, newspaper and black acrylic paint.  Here’s mine….

A pretty easy project to do and a good way to spend a very chilly spring Sunday.  Thanks Debbie!


I Was Bored, So I Started Baking

Yep, you read that right.  I was bored so I decided I was going to bake.  For some reason I have had a burning desire this week to make Mini Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes.  I’m not sure why but I just had to make them.  I didn’t have anything else to do today until going to the restaurant to hostess tonight so I’d kill some time and bake, but first I had to go to the grocery store for some ingredients.  Since I was already going to be making a mess I decided to make 2 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread too.  Why not?

What did you do today?


Back To Basics

It’s Saturday.  I’m tired.  This week has been exhausting.  I woke up around 6:30am and around 9:30am I finally got off my lazy ass and went to the grocery store.  I made my list and found the trip to the store to also be exhausting.  I haven’t had to plan meals in about a year because I’ve been on a meal plan.  I recently stopped ordering the meal plan because I have a crap ton of dental bills to pay for and need the money.  I unpacked the groceries and started cooking some chicken dishes so I can have meals cooked for the weekend and work lunches (ha, like I’ve actually been able to eat lunch the last few weeks).

I hate meal planning but I have to get back to basics.  Measuring, counting  and journaling.  I’ve let the stress at work get to me and I don’t like how I feel.  I really wish I was one of those people who eating right and exercising comes naturally to.  I fight a constant battle with myself every day and lately I’ve been losing.  I have zero energy to do anything.  My job has been sucking the life out of me and there isn’t much left to take care of myself the way I should be.

I keep trying to tell myself today is a new day and so far today has been a good day, food wise.


Tuesday Blew

The last week and half has been interesting.  Last week Monday the 3rd my new Deputy Clerk started work and we started training her.  Fast forward to the following Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I had to go back to the dentist to have him adjust the 2nd crown which is on temporarily since he has more work to do on that tooth.  It was an outside pain and I figured he just needed to adjust it by drilling part of it so my bite sits better.  I sent a text to my new deputy that I would be a little late to work because I would be at the dentist.  So I get there and the hygienist asked me to get comfy so they can numb me up and check things out.  Whoa whoa whoa whoa.  Numb me up?  What is that supposed to mean?  While I was waiting for Dr. L. to check out my sore tooth I heard my phone go off with a text message.  It was a text from my deputy which was clearly not meant for my eyes which indicated she was “going to tell Delafield today”.  I knew right then and there she was done.  I called her and confirmed my suspicions.

Right after I got off the phone Dr. L. came in and said he was going to numb me up, check things out and if he didn’t like what he saw he was going to put me under right now and finish up the work on the teeth which WAS scheduled for April 8.   I responded with no no no no no no.  You are NOT going to be doing that today.  My new hire just quit on me so I have to get back to the office.  Plus I’m not mentally prepared for dental work today, nor do I have any pills to sedate me or a ride home.  It takes a bit of coordination to get me to and from the dentist when I have anything more than a cleaning done.  I had to cut him short and told him I only came in to get the crown adjusted.  He did that which felt better.  But of course, like all the other times I’ve left the dentist I had to go to immediately go to Walgreens for more antibiotics and pain pills.  **sigh**.  Both meds have worked.  I’m only down to one pain pill a day so I should be able to make it until my appointment next Wednesday.  Oh yeah, we moved it up from April 8 to next week so I wouldn’t have to come back in AGAIN telling him I’m in pain.  I’m getting real tired of going in there every two weeks and I’m sure they are even more tired of me.  I’m tired of me!

So I get back to the office and talk with the new/just quit Deputy Clerk.  She said she was too overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it.  I told her she had to write her resignation letter, turn in her keys and leave immediately which she did.  After that the rest of the day is a blur.  I really don’t remember much after 10am since I was in a daze just about all day.  I couldn’t do much the rest of the day except stare into space at my computer or at my desk.  I was way past the point of being angry, laughing or crying about it.  I couldn’t do or say anything.  I had no thoughts, no feelings.  Just numb.  The administrator was asking me a bunch of questions and when he stopped I told him I can’t answer any questions right now.  I just can’t.  He asked me if he should leave me alone and I said yes, just until after lunch but I should be better tomorrow (which was yesterday) and I was!  I slept on it and came up with a plan while I was in the shower.  I do my best thinking in the bathroom.

I’m feeling much better today.  Mentally and dentally.  Third day of antibiotics and I only had to take one pain pill today.  Progress!!  By the time my mouth is back to almost 100%next week it will be time to drill into my poor teeth again.  GAH. Also, I’ve been on so much antibiotics I haven’t gotten sick AT ALL this winter.  All those cruddy germs spreading around and none of them hit me.  Thanks antibiotics!

How did your week go?


Stupid WordPress Lost My Post

I had a good blog post written about Spring and when I went to publish it WordPress failed and erased my post.  I’m too lazy to write it so here’s the short version.

It was titled “Spring Is Gross”.  It was 50 degrees here today, a lot of the snow melted and now everything looks gross, including Molly who needed a bath after the walk around the lake we took.  The “walk” was sometimes borderline swimming since a lot of the sidewalks are flooded.  That’s the reader’s digest condensed version.  I’ve had this happen a few times so from now on I’ll be writing my posts in word then copying/pasting it to WP.  Lesson learned!

What was the weather like today where you live?


I’m Still Sad…But Not as Bad

So it’s been a couple days since I posted that I am sad and I really appreciate the comments from everyone thanking me for sharing my feelings so I’m going to share some more.  Today, I’m still sad but not as bad.  Two days ago I felt I had the weight of the world on me and there wasn’t anything I could do right.  I know that is not true but it sure felt like it.

Today things were better.  Today another of my besties got married and is with her husband.  At the same time my California bestie Wendy said goodbye to hers who died unexpectedly three days ago, which I am still stunned about.   Today I shed tears of joy and tears of sadness at the same time.  That is a weird combination of feelings to experience which I would not like to experience anytime soon.  My friend Barb sent me this article, it’s about the 5 things no one tells you about death.  I totally did #2 today with the juice glasses, champagne glasses and the dessert table.  It was something I was able to do to help Leyla get ready for her wedding and to help keep my mind off of things happening in California.  You know what also helps keep your mind off of things?  MIMOSAS.  And cupcakes.  Actually it was a singular cupcake.  I only had one.  I was more thirsty than hungry today.

In a nutshell I’m doing better today, better than earlier in the week that’s for sure.  Each day gets a little easier but there is still a couple of hard days ahead of me next week, particularly Wednesday, which is my retiring Deputy’s last day of work.

I’d like to end this post on a happy note.  If you have a cat and/or dog, you must watch this.  Enjoy and thank you.


I’m a blogging virgin!


Please check out my friend’s Kelly blog. She’s new to the blogger world so please stop by and say hi to her! Thanks!

Originally posted on Aww Sa-Wheat:

Wow, so this is really happening. I may be a little ambitious to add more to my plate. I just wanted a place, besides Facebook, to talk about things that are important to me, motivate me, and piss me off. I want to do this without posting to the people who really don’t care, and personally, I don’t want them to know!

I appreciate all of you that took the time to check out my new blog. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be lame. And for those of you that commented on my Facebook post, Thank You. These posts will be real..no sugar coating…I promise. I encourage constructive criticism, just don’t be super mean. Until next post!


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What I’ve Learned From Frank Underwood at House of Cards


If you haven’t watched this show, you NEED to. It’s a Netflix only show and they just released season 2. Go binge watch it. You won’t be sorry.

Originally posted on Gabriel Lucatero's SYL101:

This is a guest post from The Revisor, a new WordPress blog I just discovered last night. The author’s view of success is different from mine, yet I agree with his ideas.

I could careless about politics. In fact, I barely read the newspaper. However, after having heard from different people (friends and foes alike) talked endlessly about House Of cards, the drama/politics TV show exclusive to Netflix,  I said to myself, “What the hell! I’m gonna give it a shot!”

One of the main reasons why I so vehemently hesitated at the beginning, is because in the past I’ve read books and watched TV shows just because a friend of a friend said they were good but ended up being a bunch of televised crap and published shit.

But House of Cards is the exception, and Francis Underwood is one of the best character I’ve seen on TV.

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I’m Sad

I’m sad for many reasons and I’m not sure how to shake my sadness.

I’m sad because close friends of mine have suffered great losses in their life recently.  One lost both of her parents (92 years old) just six weeks apart and another just lost her husband unexpectedly due to a car accident.

I’m sad because I feel like there isn’t anything I can do to help them get through this huge loss.  I know just being there is doing something but I feel like I need to do more.

I’m sad because there are changes going on at work which are beyond my control which could affect my livelihood.

I’m sad because the best employee I’ve ever had is retiring and while training the new Deputy Clerk I’m finding that I should know more about things and I don’t.  I don’t know some things because Ellen just got shit done and I never had to worry about what she was working on.  I’m scared that people will think I’m not on top of things.

I’m sad because of the costs of unexpected dental issues and that I wasn’t planning on budgeting for.

I’m sad because I want to take care of myself, eating right and exercising, and lately I can’t because I’m overwhelmed by everything.  I come home from work mentally drained and don’t really have the desire to exercise.  I just want to sit on the couch, close my eyes for a little bit.  I did manage to take MDog for a walk today because the sun went down and the temperate dropped so that’s a bit of progress.

The last couple weeks have been trying.  I’m trying to figure out how to get my emotions out rather than stuffing them back in with food, which actually I’ve been so busy I’ve been forgetting to eat.  Instead of stuffing them in I’ve been letting them out and now I can’t stop.  My sadness is coming out in tears which I have been shedding a lot of lately.  I guess I too am experiencing some loss in a way and I have to figure out a way to deal with it.  At least I do have some happy things happening this weekend, like Leyla’s wedding, to hopefully keep my mind off things.  Writing this post helped me feel a little better.  It felt good to get that off my chest somewhat.

Now for the good things that happened today.  I spend the day at the WMCA District 5 Training Session with my fellow clerks and it was a very good session.  Thank you to Barb and Chris for helping me plan the session and for the Starbucks run.  Thanks for making the name tags fun.  I also received the final copy of the artwork of Molly I ordered which turned out FREAKING AMAZING!!!  The artist is Brittany Farina and her work is incredible.  Here is what she did for me.

bw molly brittany farina


Aaaahhhhh….isn’t it cool??!?!?!?!?!  You should order one for your pet.

Thanks for listening (reading) to me today.  I feel a little better now.  I’m going to go read a book for a bit and go to bed.  I could use a good night’s rest.